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Data and Statistics

Information regarding the 2016-17 seasonal influenza vaccination can be found on the vaccination page.  

2016-2017 Reported Influenza Activity in North Dakota
The North Dakota Department of Health collects data on laboratory-identified influenza cases, deaths, and receives sentinel provider data from locations around the state. Outpatient sentinel data and certain de-identified test results are shared with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to contribute to the national flu picture. Data collection for the 2016-17 season began August 1, 2016.

Last Updated 4/19/2017 with data through the week ending 4/15/2017 (week 15).
For more details, see the weekly report.

Influenza Case Count* Case Statistics
Type A, 2009 H1N1 23
Type A, H3 329
Type A, Unspecified ** 3957
Type B, Unspecified ** 2692
Type B, Yamagata 183
Type B, Victoria 34
Unknown 0
Total 7218

*Numbers may change pending investigation.
Includes rapid tests, DFA, IFA, PCR and culture.
**Unspecified indicates positive results from a test that did not include additional viral sub-typing (for A) or lineage typing (for B).
Ơ Based on reports received by NDDoH. Numbers are likely underrepresented.
Hospitalized 237
Deaths 20
Female 3756
Male 3462
Age (years)
<10 2044
10-19 1398
20-29 653
30-39 633
40-49 522
50-59 652
60 and over 1316

Influenza Activity By County
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Laboratory Confirmed Influeza
Outpatient Illness
Sentinel Laboratories
School Surveillance
Pneumonia and Influenza Deaths