ND Flu
Influenza-like Illness Outbreaks
Influenza-like illness* (ILI) outbreaks in long term care (LTC) facilities, schools and daycares should be reported to the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH). Reports will be followed up by a NDDoH epidemiologist to assist with curbing further spread of the outbreak, and with possible identification of the causative agent. These reports are vital to situational awareness during the influenza season, and aggregate report information is shared in the weekly influenza update. Links to each report and information on when to report can be found below:
  • Long Term Care Reporting: LTC facilities that expereince three or more cases of ILI that occur within 48 to 72 hours OR one resident with a positive laboratory result for influenza should report an outbreak.

  • School and Daycare Reporting: Schools and daycares should report when a large volume of students report ill due to respiratry illness. North Dakota also recommends exclusion from school and daycare for children with a fever greater than 100°, until the child is fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine.

*defined as fever of 100°F with a cough and/or sore throat